ƒocalplané: a side project of B! Machine.

featuring the work of nate nicoll and mike hayden.

a collaboration between wishduck studios and studius MAXIMUS.

this project and web site are in development and, as you can imagine, has been for quite some time.
please keep in touch for updated material as it becomes available, perhaps slightly before the next ice age.
ƒocalplané is to represent another side of B! Machine.
not darker, not lighter, just the space between.
as ƒocalplané, we mean to represent our work as music and eventually video.
most of the work will be available through the internet. Some might be available through an archaic medium some scholars of ancient civilizations refer to as "the mail."
the tracks, as downloaded, will be raw and unfinished... or never actually composed...
works in progress.
at the end of each phase a cd will be made available... eventually.

last update: 23 November, 2006